Delhi tops world in value-for-money 5-star hotels


Hindustan Times

Delhi ranked number one for best deals in five-star hotels in 2013 with average prices of ` 9,652 per night, followed by Mumbai at the second place with Rs 9,809, according to a report by


The Chinese city of Guangzhou was the third best with Rs 9,812 per night, the tenth edition of report on hotels price index revealed.

“Delhi offered the best deal on 5-star accommodation followed by Mumbai on Rs 9,809 and Guangzhou on Rs 9,812. If location were not a factor when choosing a luxury break, it would have been possible to spend four nights in Delhi for the same price as one in the Big Apple (New York),” the report said.

During 2013, travellers from India paid more for their hotel rooms in threequarters of the countries included in the index with increases mainly recorded in Europe with its strengthening economies, as the decline in the value of the rupee made travel abroad more expensive.

However this year, the highest fall in accommodation prices was recorded in Beijing, which lost 18% to Rs 5,407, followed by Ho Chi Minh City, down 12% to Rs 5,123 and Hong Kong, dropping 11% to Rs 10,346.

Brussels, the capital of Belgium, secured the fourth place with Rs 10,144, while Berlin in Germany ranked fifth with Rs 11,386.

For four-star hotels, the prices in Delhi and Mumbai were relatively competitive, the report said. Delhi ranked fourth with Rs 6,555 per night, while Mumbai was at fifth position with Rs 7,010 in the four-star category. Also, it is less expensive to stay in a four-star hotel in Delhi than a three-star property in 24 of the most popular destinations such as Tokyo, Singapore or Paris.

The Hotel Price Index (HPI) is the annual report on hotel prices in major destinations across the world, and is based on bookings made on sites. The prices shown are those actually paid by customers per room per night, in dollar equivalent, rather than advertised rates, report claims.

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