In today's knowledge-driven global economy, one industry in which India is among global leaders and has a firm footprint is the fast-growing information technology and business process outsourcing industry, which includes software development and back-office operations. This industry has not only emerged among the fastest growing contributors to the country's national income, but also the biggest employment generator.

Some Indian companies in the business like Tata Consultancy Services, Infosys Technologies, Wipro and Hindustan Computers have earned global repute for the quality of service and reach, while several large overseas players like Microsoft, IBM, Hewlett Packard, Cisco, Oracle, Sun Microsystems, Yahoo, Google, Dell, Intel have set up shop in India, registering phenomenal growth.

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India successfully test-fires Akash missile

India Friday successfully test-fired its Akash medium-range surface-to-air missile from a defence base in Odisha for the second time in two days, an official said.

India test fires exo-atmospheric missile interceptor

India has successfully test-fired for the first time an exo-atmospheric missile interceptor at a defence base in Odisha.

Mobile tech promotes literacy in developing countries: Unesco

Mobile technology is facilitating reading and improving literacy in developing countries where illiteracy rates are high and physical text scarce, a Unesco study said.

Nayi Disha’s 3-D Kaju to come home; plans African foray
By KV KURMANATH/ Business Line

Kaju, the alien character animated by Nayi Disha for primary level students, will soon knock on your doors. Seeing interest from parents, the start-up plans to sell the product directly to homes.

India wants Internet to become Equinet
By Aparajita Gupta

India favours a multilateral role in net governance and management, a "transformational shift from the Internet of today to the Equinet of tomorrow".

Waterless urinals, biogas cars on display at IIT-Delhi open house
The Indian Express

A car that runs on biogas instead of conventional CNG, low cost waterless urinals capable of saving over 100 thousand litres of water per urinal per day, fibre wrapping to protect buildings from earthquakes and solar-powered refrigeration systems - these are some projects that will be showcased at the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi on April 19.

A software application to aid farmers

It is easy to think of applications for visually challenged people in the context of "text-to-speech" software (TTS), but now there is an application which uses TTS to help out farmers. The Sandesh Pathak application, developed jointly by C-DAC Mumbai, IIT-Madras, IIIT Hyderabad, IIT Kharagpur, and C-DAC Thiruvananthapuram will enable SMS messages to be read out loud, for the benefit of farmers who may have difficulty in reading.

Walk as you like
By Sangeeta Barooah Pisharoty / The Hindu

Jaipur-based veterinary doctor Tapesh Mathur on the Krishna limb, a prosthetic aid he has designed to help animals with amputated legs walk again

Voters flaunt 'inked finger' on social networking sites

Expressing pride and exuberance after casting their ballot, voters - young and not so young - have taken to the social media across India, flaunting their inked finger as proof of exercise of their democratic right and are urging others to vote.

Indian spacecraft Orbiter halfway to Mars

India's maiden mission to Mars is on course, with its spacecraft Orbiter crossing the halfway mark on its voyage to the red planet, four months after it left Earth Dec 1.