About Us


With India gaining increasing importance in international strategic and economic thinking, news from India and about India is being increasingly sought after by the rest of the world. Indo-Asian News Service (IANS) has carved a niche for itself not only in reporting India, South Asia and the large Indian diaspora spread across the world, but also global events that are of interest to and impact on India, its geopolitics, is economy, its culture, society and national aspirations. 

IANS has been breaking through the often cliched and stereotyped reporting about India with objective and unbiased news, views and analyses that portray the country, and the region, in a global perspective. The New Delhi-headquartered media group is not just a news agency with a growing international reach but a reliable content provider, knowledge resource and publishing outsource for clients in India and overseas. 

India has historic political, economic, cultural and ethnic ties with Africa. But the closeness of ties is rivalled by a yawning knowledge and information deficit. Too long African media (and people) have had to rely on Western media for news about India with its attendant biases and cultural prejudices that colour news from developing and emerging nations. India-Africa Connect is a step in bridging that gap by providing a one-stop news and information resource on India and the growing India-Africa engagement.